Cleaning Hacks for the Busy (not Lazy!) Millennial

Who hustles from 9 am to 5 pm, monitors investments on weekends, and manages a start-up business 24/7?

Every goal-getter can definitely relate, right? You have to handle job expectations, make sure your business earns a profit or breaks even, and guarantee your investments are growing. Sometimes it’s just too much! This does not even count the precious moments you spend for yourself and your loved ones, and the hours it takes to clean up your home! It can get too overwhelming sometimes that you wish your spaces are self-cleaning (admit it, at least once, you did wish!).

While waiting and hoping that our homes can be self-cleaning in the near future, we listed some cleaning hacks to save you time and effort for now!

Shower & Toilet

It can take a gruesome hour to clean this space. Using a dish wand, one part vinegar, and one part soap, you can easily scrub off the soap scum and moisture off the walls and tiles after each shower. You may also opt to add essentials oils for added aroma. For the toilet, simply toss a cup of detergent booster in the toilet and close the lid. Leave it overnight. In the morning, flush and get on with your day.

Pans and Pots

Preparing and feasting on sumptuous meals especially on special occasions is the best! Really hoping it ends there, but we all know it doesn’t work that way – washing the dishes follows afterwards (*rolls eyes*). Here’s what you can do while you eat. Soak your pans and pots with soap and a pinch of baking soda in warm water. You will still have to clean after but it will be much easier and less stressful.


Due to its nature, it’s not surprising that refrigerators generate dirt and moisture over time. To save you from having to clean up the shelves and storage every two weeks, cover them with a cling wrap, instead. When something spills or rots (but try not to get there!), you only need to peel it off and replace.


Essential oils can clean your microwave! Simply add 15 drops of lemon essential oil and half-cup of water to a microwavable container. Spin it to high for five to 10 minutes so the steam condenses on the inside. Afterwards, you can easily wipe off the softened food with a sponge.

Beds, Carpets, and Sofas

These are the most dirt consuming furniture at home, but you can barely see it (plus it’s really expensive to get these cleaned!). By the time you realize it needs cleaning, you’re already sneezing. Did you know you can dust off your soft, comfy spaces for 15-20 minutes a day? Use a vacuum with a 3-stage sterilization process that can kill dust mites and germs. Dowell UV Mites Vacuum Cleaner uses illuminated UV technology for stronger radiation with double sterilization effect. Its multi-purpose & ergonomic design makes it convenient (and exciting!) for daily cleaning. This game changer is the first ever in the Philippines. Oh, and did we tell you it shuts down automatically to prevent from being over used? Check out these videos to see how it’s used.

There you have it. Bookmark these timesaving cleaning hacks and make sure you come back for the next tips!

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