Dowell Induction Cooker

Cook your favorite Pinoy dishes with an easy and energy efficient Dowell Induction Cooker - the most energy efficient Induction Cooker, that only costs P2.80* to operate.

Find out why the 8 models of Dowell Induction Cooker are perfect for your kitchen space and your personality, too.

Meet our favorite model the #PowerEconomical Dowell Induction Cooker, ICS-33.

Specialized with its slim-type design and touch screen panel with white and black colorway, this is truly the perfect countertop induction cooker to your kitchen space.

Do you know that Dowell Induction Cooker ICS-33 is the most energy-efficient induction cooker in the market? Based on Meralco Orange Tag, Dowell Induction Cooker ICS-33 costs only P2.80php per 15 minutes use.

Next is the #SinglebutTerrible Induction Cooker IC-35.

Designed with its push-button control and minimalistic panel, Dowell Induction Cooker IC-35 is perfect to all condominium and single spaces. It eases your hassle to turn it off since it has auto-shut off feature.

Boast of an elegant design with glass hob top and lightweight features, meet our #SophisticatedSleek Dowell Induction Cooker IC-D2.

This sleek glass hob-finish and touch screen panel allows you to use cookware for up to 26 cm*. Pretty much, it enables you to freely touch the surface without feeling hot.

Fourth on the list, is our #FastOnTheGo Dowell Induction Cooker IC-37.

With its 7 cooking functions, it allows you to cook various types of food that fit your preference - cooks 3x faster than gas or electric stove.

Make a move with #VersatileSafe Dowell Induction Cooker IC-E10.

This is powered with 10 power setting that lets you cook different food. It has also child lock feature that will prevent your kids from changing the control panel.

Get the best double hob induction cooker with #AllinOne features of Dowell Induction Cooker IC-24.

With 10-level adjustable setting, maximize with its 4-cooking program and off-timer up to 3 hours, it gives you enough time to do more and enjoy quality time with your family and loved ones.

Save your limited kitchen space with #ModernFit Dowell Induction Cooker IC-18V.

With its vertical design, it allows you enough space to work on giving you a better cooking experience than ever.

#TwoHobsIsBetterthanOne with Dowell Induction Cooker IC-51TC.

Twice the energy efficiency with Double Hob Induction Cooker IC-51TC. With its touch screen modern display,

flameless cooktop and programmable timer, this model is worth taking home.


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