“Health Is Wealth” Is More that Just a Saying Nowadays

Health has never been more valuable than ever! We can’t go out without masks, face shields, and alcohols. We can’t enter establishments without checking temperatures and logging our health status. We can’t roam around the house without taking a bath after going out. We can’t accept deliveries without sanitizing them.

Our lives in the past year suddenly have been filled with additional responsibilities to keep us and our loved ones safe. We get uneasy when our homes run out of alcohols, bleach, or other disinfectants. We need to deep clean the house more often. We need to observe precautionary measures inside and outside our homes. Suddenly, it just takes so much precious time from our schedules, but we don’t have a choice.

Here are some tips on how we can maximize our time, stay safe while being efficient, and get the most out of the situation despite a seemingly quarantine fatigue:

  1. Assign disinfectant solutions in different parts of the house and label them. One each for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining area, garage, and bedrooms. Instead of buying 500ml alcohols, why not purchase a gallon and disseminate to several spray containers? Label the containers! Do the same for bleach and . This way, you become thriftier and more efficient!

  2. If you can’t disinfect your deliveries or parcels immediately, assign a no-touch area where you stock all items until they are either quarantined for three days or disinfected in a day or two. Sometimes doing things all at once saves you time.

  3. Reimpose rules. Whether we admit it or not, we have become lenient at some point. We need to bring back the rules to keep us safe and sanitized. If needed, print it out and hang it in the most visible area of the house.

  4. Save space and time by investing in appliances that perform more than one function. For example, getting a water dispenser with UV sterilization. Designed with its Aqualight technology, Dowell Water Dispenser with UV Sterilization (WDS-19BLUV) treats microbiologically unsafe water with germicidal ultraviolet light that can kill germs, pathogens and bacteria. It cleanses your water and added extra protection while you stay hydrated in this summer heat. It is convenient and easy-to-use because it has an empty-bottle warning indicator that reminds if it is time to fill your water tank. Featured with anti-scald safety lock switch, it keeps your children safe from hot spills.

  5. Purify the air you breathe even when you’re resting. The new variants of COVID-19 are more contagious and cases increasing extremely beyond expectations. Nowadays, basic purification and sanitation may not always be enough. One way to stay extra clean, safe, and healthy is with Dowell Air Purifier GoPure with medical grade filter, HEPA-13, UV sterilizer and ionizer that kills viruses, bacteria and germs. With up to (7) seven-stage purification process, it filters the air you breathe and protect your home from up to 99.95%. Dowell Air Purifier comes in four different models depending on your needs; RAP-25, RAP-40, RAP-60 and RAP-100. It can purify a room as small as 25m2 and as big as 100m2.

When you can and if you can, invest in your health, because at the end of the day, your health is your biggest wealth that no one can ever take away from you. With this list, we you hope you continue to keep your home safe, clean, and sanitized while you save, space, and energy with these effective and efficient home management tips. Stay well, feel well, and live well with Dowell.

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